who, what and why?

I’m James Hobson but if you’ve found me through the internet you’ll know me best as JAMESJAMESJAMES. I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with expertise in a range of communicative and artistic disciplines. I have experience as a creative director and have provided web design, motion graphics, copywriting, identity design, branding, photography and more to clients for over 11 years.

Design serves to solve ‘problems’ and I approach projects always recognising the importance of WHO the client is (and where they want to go), WHAT the purpose of the project is and WHY it needs to be addressed.

Research, exploration and discovery are as important as the obsessively detailed craft side of my work. These principles have informed my work and helped deliver forward-thinking solutions that engage and provide clients with content they can fully own and develop upon.

Most recently I have surrounded myself in the exciting world of poster design and in particular, alternative movie posters. This is where I unleash creativity purely for the craft. Experimentation and new techniques develop and that can inform design projects but mainly I’m doing it for the love. The heart and the art.